Bankers Service Company: Serving the Banking Industry since 1959
Bankers Service Company offers many services, from opening safety deposit boxes to time lock maintenance
For professional safe and vault service, call Bankers Service Company at 651-631-0124

Safe Deposit Box Openings 
Do you have a safe deposit box going into escheatment? Or a box that won't open? Call us!  We'll open that safe deposit box in a jiffy, and replace the lock and keys so you can earn income from it once again.

Replacement Locks
Don't let your security be compromised by a broken or missing lock.  Bankers Service Company can replace your safe deposit locks or re-key them, usually in the same day.

Cash Vault Services
Whether you have a door that's not working or a combination that needs changing, Bankers Service can come to your aid.  When latch brackets become loose, or there's movement in the pin handles, for safety's sake, don't wait for the bolts to pop out!

Tellers' Vaults and Drawer Locks
They're just little things, but a broken key can sure mess up a teller's day! Bankers Service can extract broken keys from tellers' drawers. We can also replace or repair the lock or make a replacement key so you can get on with the business of banking. We can also replace locks for desks, credenzas and file cabinets and make duplicate keys.

Vault Service-Time Locks
When it's time to service your vault's time lock, Bankers Service will disassemble the lock clocks, clean them, inspect them, re-assemble and test the time lock to make sure it's working correctly.

Keys Made
We can cut duplicate keys right at our office!

Notary Public
Denny is also a Minnesota commissioned Notary Public. Contact him when you need a document notarized.
We Recycle  
Bankers Service Company is a "green" company. Last year, we recycled more than 500 lbs. of metal and paper--not bad for a small company!
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